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Best Paper Awards 2017

Best Research Paper

Dr. Kumar Ganesan
Montana Tech

Best Student Paper

Mr. Anand Venkatesan & Mr. Narendran Raghavan
Anna University

Mr. Zachary Fuerst
Purdue University

Best Paper Awards 2016

Best Research Paper

Dr. Marek Staf
University of Chemistry and Technology Prague
Czech Republic

Prof. Mohsen Sherif
United Arab Emirates University

Best Student Paper

Ms. Sin Zhi Goh
National University of Singapore

Ms. Elyssa Fawaz
American University of Beirut


Best Paper Awards 2015

Best Research Paper

Dr. Petr Dzik
Brno University of Technology
Czech Republic

Best Student Paper

Mr. Jose Blancarte
Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines

Mr. Amphone Sivongxay
Charles Darwin University

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Prior Year's Accepted Papers

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2014 Accepted Papers

Paper Title DOI#
A Sensitivity Analysis of Energy Consumption in Electric Vehicle -toward Sustainability Asssessment of Eco-friendly Vehicles 10.5176/2251-189X_SEES14.07
Experimental Investigation of Heat Transportation Based on Absorption Mechanism over 200m Distance - Measured Performance of Solution Transportation Absorption 10.5176/2251-189X_SEES14.23
Evaluation of Energy Savings Performance of Passive Design Technologies in Energy-saving Buildings 10.5176/2251-189X_SEES14.24
Evaluation of Independent Supply Sustainability Performance in Collective Housing with Distributed Energy Systems 10.5176/2251-189X_SEES14.25
Installation of a Three-Phase Grid-Tied Photovoltaic System in a Tropical Area and its Performance Ratio 10.5176/2251-189X_SEES14.26
Development of a Self-Contained, PV-Powered Domestic Toilet and Electrochemical Wastewater Treatment System Suitable for the Developing World 10.5176/2251-189X_SEES14.27
Communication of Regional Economic Impacts of Bioenergy 10.5176/2251-189X_SEES14.28
Water Release Based Optimal Performance of a Hydroelectric Power Plant 10.5176/2251-189X_SEES14.31
Cement Dust Air Pollution Remedies 10.5176/2251-189X_SEES14.02
Comparative effects of salinity and water stress on morpho-physiological, ionic and yield attributes of cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) 10.5176/2251-189X_SEES14.04
Effect of Man-made Modifications on Estuarine Hydrodynamics and Sediment Dynamics 10.5176/2251-189X_SEES14.06
Physical Evidences of Past Earthquake Activities and Sustainable Development of Houses in Micro-Seismically Active Nanded City of Maharashtra State, India 10.5176/2251-189X_SEES14.12
Toxicological Impact on Vegetation of Arkavati Reservoir Command Area (Karnataka, India) 10.5176/2251-189X_SEES14.19
Energy Recovery from Polyethylene Terephthalate(PET) Recycling Process 10.5176/2251-189X_SEES14.21
Assessment of Ambient Air Quality in the State of Kuwait Al Jahra city Study Part 2 10.5176/2251-189X_SEES14.34

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