Sustainable Energy and Environmental Sciences - SEES Conference

Sustainable Energy and Environmental Sciences (SEES) Conference

Today’s challenge is to inspire the environmental science community through the interchange of knowledge and sharing of best practices in a global-scale context and toward advances for a low-carbon future. The Sustainable Energy and Environmental Sciences (SEES) Conference 2019, a premiere Academic Research Conference serves as a platform for researchers, academics and scientists from the environmental science community and to provide an avenue for robust exchange of information on technological advances, new scientific achievements, and the effectiveness of various environmental regulation programmes.

The themes of the conference are:

  • Frontiers of Renewable Energy Production Research
  • Sustainable Energy and Climate Change
  • Sustainable Energy and Ecosystem
  • Sustainable Energy Assessment
  • Particulate Materials and Air Pollution
  • Air Pollution Control and Air Quality
  • Surface Water Pollution Control
  • Groundwater Contamination and Remediation
  • Water Reclamation and Reuse
  • Water Resource Management
  • Soil Contamination and the Remediation Technologies
  • Solid Waste Management and Pollution Control
  • Hazardous Waste Management
  • Environmental Protection Policies
Prof. the Hon. Dr. Stephen Martin

Prof. the Hon. Dr. Stephen Martin

Chairman, Board of Governors, Global Science & Technology Forum (GSTF)
Chairman, Bank of China (Australia)
Former Speaker Parliament of Australia
Former Deputy Vice Chancellor (Strategy and Planning)
Curtin University of Technology
Former Pro Vice Chancellor International, Victoria University

Dr Mark Diesendorf

Dr Mark Diesendorf

Honorary Associate Professor in Environmental Humanities, UNSW Sydney
Education Program Leader of the Australian Cooperative Research Centre for Low Carbon Living
“Renewable Energy Futures”

SEES 2019 Conference Proceedings: Print ISSN: 2251-189X, E-Periodical ISSN: 2251-1903 will be published and submitted to several indexing partners.
Journal of Engineering Technology: All authors who present their papers at the conference will be invited to submit an extended version of their research paper for the GSTF Journal of Engineering Technology (JET) (Print ISSN: 2251-3701, E-periodical: 2251-371X). All submitted papers will go through a blind review process for acceptance and will be published without additional cost (digital).
Best Paper Awards and Best Student Paper Awards will be conferred at the conference (in order to qualify for the award, the paper must be presented at the conference).
SEES 2019 will also constitute a Special Panel Session.
Panel Proposals are invited for submission. A minimum of three papers centering on a specific topic will be accepted for submission under Panel Category.

Prof. Jeffrey Cross
Prof. Jeffrey Cross

Mr. Nayyar Hussain
Mr. Nayyar Hussain

Mr. Zachary Fuerst
Mr. Zachary Fuerst

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